Saturday, May 25, 2013

MMM Days 22 - 25 and Cup Cakes!

Day 22 (Wednesday).
I wore the blue/grey Sewaholic Pendrell that I wore in the first week of MMM '13. This time I paired it with blacked cropped pants, Simplicity 5259. Worn with RTW black jacket with peplum.

Day 23 (Thursday)
Black and white 1" check Vogue dress V8353. Blogged about previously here. Worn with a RTW black jacket.

Day 24 (Friday)
Mathilde Blouse, worn last week Friday but in Montreal, this week teamed with RTW brown pants and red leather jacket

Day 25 (Saturday)
A Sewaholic Renfrew with lace additions at the waist and cuff. Worn with RTW jeans for shopping. Also a hand crocheted shopping bag made a while ago.

Then below, I changed into my new Collete Patterns Laurel dress to go to a Bridal Shower. We baked gourmet cookies and learned how to frost and decorate cup cakes at Sweet Flour Bake Shop in Toronto. What a great idea for a shower!

My frosted cakes

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