Saturday, May 26, 2012

MMM Days 22 - 26

After a lovely long weekend away, it was back to the grindstone on Tuesday.

Day 22. I wore my favorite Pendrell with black trousers.

Day 23. I wore my self drafted A line skirt that I made last year.

Day 24. I wore my Pendrell with the frilly sleeves. I always say I don't really like that Pendrell and only wear it as part of these challenges, but I always get nice comments on it.

Day 25. I wore a denim skirt I made a while ago when I just got back into sewing. It is from a 1990's jeans and skirt pattern.

In the evening I went round to a friend to celebrate her graduation. I wore black cropped trousers made last year. The top is as old as the hills and the necklace is me made!

Day 26. After yoga this morning I headed out to a coffee date with the girls for a belated Birthday celebration. I wore what is fast becoming a wardrobe staple, my white eyelet, sleeveless Pendrell. I wore it with a skirt that many people assume I made myself because it matches a shirt I made last year. In fact the skirt came from H&M (I think!).

I was still wearing it later in the day after I came in from gardening, but this time paired with my ratty old track pants!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MMM Days 15 to 21

Tuesday to Thursday was pretty much my usual week. Work, work, work!!

On Tuesday I wore my Vogue pattern skirt and top (Vogue Easy Options 2218). I really like this outfit for the office. I paired it with a black jacket.

Wednesday I wore a simple black skirt (an old Simplicity pattern, 5259) made a couple of years ago, teamed with a white shirt and my favorite red cardi.

Thursday was time for my Crescent skirt. A repeat, but this time I paired it with a black top.

But Friday was different. Friday found me on a plane bound for Victoria on Vancouver Island. For the trip I wore casual black pants and my light blue Renfrew top. I also wore my Minoru jacket when we landed as it was damp and chilly out there. In the evening I changed into my green Renfrew top with jeans.

Saturday morning I went for a run around the harbor front wearing a me made running top. Later I changed into my black Jalie Jeans, but no photos unfortunately.

We spent Sunday morning at Butchart Gardens. What an amazing place. I wore my new v-neck, short sleeved Renfrew top made in a bright Sunshine Yellow. I made it as part of the Spring Palette Challenge. I don't usually like a v-neck, but wanted to try the style and I actually quite like it.

For the trip home on Monday I wore my casual black pants again with my white eyelet Pendrell and a long denim shirt.

Oh and I also wore my new Jammies.

All in all a wonderful weekend away and I want to move out to Victoria!! I found a lovely yarn store and a fabric store right near our hotel, but I just looked. I am so far behind on my sewing that I couldn't bring myself to buy more fabric. And I have just started to knit a sweater, an Owl Sweater so more than enough to keep me busy with!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

MMM Days 12 - 14

And the fun continues.....

Day 12 was Saturday. In the evening we went round to friends for dinner and I wore my Black Jalie jeans. I really like these jeans and want to make some more. I also wore a me made necklace and matching earrings, made a few years ago when I did a lot more beading. Now my focus is mainly sewing and a little knitting.

I also wore my blue self stitched bra. You're just going to get a peek at that!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

MMM Days 8 - 11

Another normal week at work!

On Tuesday I wore self stitched black cropped pants with a H&M Blouse and a black jacket. I also wore a self made necklace that I made a few months ago.

Wednesday, was my grey suit with my blue and grey Pendrell. I made it as part of OWOP and love that top. Spent my afternoon watching my younger son play rugby. Of course it chose to rain as the game kicked off, then it was windy. Lovely!! At least they won!!

Thursday was my purple dress. I know in other Me Made and Self Stitched challenges I have worn this to death, but still an easy thing to throw on for work when running late (no I didn't oversleep, it was a running morning!). I then played golf in the late afternoon, but too chilly for my me made golf skort.

On Friday I wore the first Renfrew top that I made. I paired it with my favourite RTW  jeans and a lovely silk scarf a colleague had brought me back from india recently. When I stepped outside it was a little chilly so I threw my Minoru on. Terrible photos, don't know what I did with the camera settings!

This saw me through work, Starbucks at lunch with friends, more work, yarn store and then dinnerout with friends at a lovely Korean Japanese BBQ restaurant close by.

Monday, May 7, 2012

MMM 2012

And the fun continues........It is the end of week one.

On Saturday I wore my Pendrell with the scalloped collar. I was doing nothing in particular after my regular Saturday morning yoga class apart from usual house chores.

In the evening I did get cleaned up and wore my Colette Violet blouse with a pair of plain black pants. We were going round to friends for dinner. My watch strap is self made as well. I attached over 100 square glass beads to a chain for the strap. It closes with a lobster clasp.

Friday, May 4, 2012

MMM 2012

Days 3 and 4

I certainly didn't plan to post every two days, but I find myself with a few minutes spare, so why not do another post?

My buddy wanting in on the photo shoot!

Day three saw me wearing my Colette  Meringue skirt. I really like this skirt, even if a colleague calls it my tulip skirt because she says it reminds her of an upside down tulip! I wore it with a plain white blouse and brown shoes.

Before work!

I love the necklace I am wearing. A friend bought it back from South Africa for me. I love the colors and wear it often.

After work!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Me Made May 2012

I did blog a few weeks ago about Me Made May, but I never put my pledge out there.

So here goes: "I, Debbie of Debbie Sew Debbie, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavour to wear at least one self stitched item each day for the duration of May 2012'

Of course I had grandiose ides of finishing everything I had started and more so that I could wear all these new items this month, but that wasn’t happening. Work and life just got in the way. So I will try and be creative with some of the pieces that have shown up with more than alarming regularity in last year’s Me Made and Self Stitched months. I want to try and avoid the “oh no, not that .... purple dress again” type of feelings!!

So day one saw me wake up in my new Jammie's. No photos taken. 

Self Portrait before work
Then on to my Simplicity Jumper. This is great for work and I wear it with either a white shirt as I did here, or a black shirt or even a long sleeved t-shirt. When wearing the white shirt, I like to pair it with my red cardigan. As to the footwear, in winter it is long black boots and now for spring, I prefer sheer stockings and a little heel for the office.

Using official photographer after work