Saturday, May 12, 2012

MMM Days 8 - 11

Another normal week at work!

On Tuesday I wore self stitched black cropped pants with a H&M Blouse and a black jacket. I also wore a self made necklace that I made a few months ago.

Wednesday, was my grey suit with my blue and grey Pendrell. I made it as part of OWOP and love that top. Spent my afternoon watching my younger son play rugby. Of course it chose to rain as the game kicked off, then it was windy. Lovely!! At least they won!!

Thursday was my purple dress. I know in other Me Made and Self Stitched challenges I have worn this to death, but still an easy thing to throw on for work when running late (no I didn't oversleep, it was a running morning!). I then played golf in the late afternoon, but too chilly for my me made golf skort.

On Friday I wore the first Renfrew top that I made. I paired it with my favourite RTW  jeans and a lovely silk scarf a colleague had brought me back from india recently. When I stepped outside it was a little chilly so I threw my Minoru on. Terrible photos, don't know what I did with the camera settings!

This saw me through work, Starbucks at lunch with friends, more work, yarn store and then dinnerout with friends at a lovely Korean Japanese BBQ restaurant close by.

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