Sunday, October 6, 2013

FESA 2013

My first finished item for FESA 2013! And it was a real quickie.

I had purchased another ball of Sashay yarn as it is very quick to knit up a scarf in an evening and adds a nice pop of colour to an outfit. But the band around the yarn had a pattern for a "Quick and Sassy Chain Scarf".

Oooh, something new to try! You basically make a long length chain stitches using your fingers instead of a crochet hook. They suggest using two or three fingers depending on how big you want the chains to be. I used two fingers and used the entire ball. Then I draped it round my neck several times and once I had it the lengths I wanted. I then tied it off at the back, ensuring that the end of the yarn wrapped several times around all the strands. It is now easy just to slip it on over my head.

I am wearing this with one of my wardrobe staples, one of my Sewaholic Renfrews. I love that pattern!

The bracelet is also Me-Made, from my beading years! Also a very quick and easy project. You take safety pins and put beads on them. Then thread these pins (alternating tops and bottoms of the safety pins) onto elastic with beads in between.

I was meant to knit gloves for FESA and then this was to do after that if I had time!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Plan for FESA 2013

While I might not have got round to sewing as yet (which may have something to do with the fact that I forgot that I had promised my son a coat and he will be home at Thanksgiving which is next weekend in Canada!!).

I do have a plan in place and all the fabric is washed and ready to go! So I hope to be able to make something from each of the categories:

Fashionable Foundations
Navy blue Sewaholic Thurlow trousers. I haven’t used this pattern yet and have been looking forward to trying it out.

My stretch goal for this would be to also make a caramel / brown Grainline Moss skirt. I really like the denim one I made a few weeks ago.

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates
I took part in a spring swap challenge earlier this year and received among other things a lovely pattern for a top, from a pattern company I have never heard of, Silhouette patterns. I thought this turquoise would be nice and bright for Fall weather.

My stretch goal would be to also complete a button down shirt either a Grainline Archer Shirt or a Burda one.The fabric was bought about 3 years ago from Joanne’s, on a cross border shopping trip.

Fabulous Frocks
As part of the previously mentioned Spring Swap, my partner sent me a lovely piece of grey knit fabric which I am going to underline in a plain tricot and use this wrap dress pattern that I bought on sale the other day.

Underneath It All
Two pair of panties and two bras, fabric already purchased and partly cut out from last year!

Tender Handies!
I plan to knit to a pair of Owl gloves. Using a free pattern from Mollie Makes magazine. These gloves will match my owl (“nice hooters”!) sweater that I knitted last year as I have left over yarn.

Also a another Sashay scarf as they are quick and easy and add a pop of colour to any coat or jacket in the fall. I picked up a ball of blue Sashay yarn.

Those Cozy Nights
Not exactly cozy PJs but I got this red fabric from out first Toronto meet–up (I think 
from Seraphinalina) and picked up this pattern earlier this year when they were on sale.

Baby It's Cold Outside
I have a grey Sewaholic Robson trenchcoat cut out and partly sewn. This needs to get finished. 

Then I also plan to make another  Sewaholic Minoru coat as I live in the one I made in 2012.