Saturday, May 25, 2013

MMM Days 22 - 25 and Cup Cakes!

Day 22 (Wednesday).
I wore the blue/grey Sewaholic Pendrell that I wore in the first week of MMM '13. This time I paired it with blacked cropped pants, Simplicity 5259. Worn with RTW black jacket with peplum.

Day 23 (Thursday)
Black and white 1" check Vogue dress V8353. Blogged about previously here. Worn with a RTW black jacket.

Day 24 (Friday)
Mathilde Blouse, worn last week Friday but in Montreal, this week teamed with RTW brown pants and red leather jacket

Day 25 (Saturday)
A Sewaholic Renfrew with lace additions at the waist and cuff. Worn with RTW jeans for shopping. Also a hand crocheted shopping bag made a while ago.

Then below, I changed into my new Collete Patterns Laurel dress to go to a Bridal Shower. We baked gourmet cookies and learned how to frost and decorate cup cakes at Sweet Flour Bake Shop in Toronto. What a great idea for a shower!

My frosted cakes

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MMM Days 18 - 21

Day 18 (Saturday) The start of the Victoria Day Long Weekend in Canada.

A group of us drove down to Detroit to see a show. Rodriguez, in front of his home town crowd at the Masonic Temple. An amazing performance from a musician who went largely unnoticed in North America for decades but was bigger than the Beatles and Elvis in South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s.

He has seen a revival in the last few years, especially since a documentary about him "Searching For Sugarman" won an Oscar this year. Anyway I digress, I wore my Alma Blouse to the show and to eat a Hot Chocolate Fudge Brownie at The Hard Rock cafe!

The next morning we did some sight seeing before heading home. So for day 19 (Sunday) I wore a Sewaholic Pendrell blouse, View C the sleeveless version. I made this as part of the One Week One Pattern (OWOP) challenge last year.

Day 20 (Monday) being Victoria Day it meant the start of serious gardening in Southern Ontario. I wore a Colette Patterns Sorbetto top, which is a free download.

Day 21 (Tuesday). Back to work. This is a total repitition of Day 13, my Sewaholic Pendrell blouse. But I was working from the Montreal office last week and now I am back, so only I know it's a repeat in such a short space of time!!

Two things to note in the above photo. One, look how my tree has greened up since the beginning of the month. Two, I can apparently multi-task. I was eating my toast while the photo was being taken!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work in Progress

I am making Gertie’s new pattern: Butterick 5882. The plan (if it turns out as I have it in my mind!!) is to wear it to a garden party that we are having on June 1st for someone’s (no names mentioned!) big Birthday.

I started off by making a muslin of the top. This is a new step to me. I have always worked on the theory that I have so little time to sew that I need to get right into the “proper sewing”. I did a muslin for the Lady Grey coat but that’s it! But this time I made the muslin. I think it fits fine, the interesting thing is that I have never worn a dress with a bra shelf, so It took some time to work out the placement of said shelf!!

Crouched on the hotel room floor in my Me Made PJs
Then I needed to get it all cut out and marked, but I had to spend a week in Montreal on business. So the first thing I packed was a little bag with the pre-washed fabric, the patterns, pins, tape measure and making pens. Then over two nights crouched on the floor (I missed my cutting table!) I had it all cut out, marked and pinned together.

I am using a black and white polka dot fabric for the body of the dress and a plain red for the bra part.

Now I am home and just need to sew it!

Robson Coat slowly taking shape
My other Work in progress is the Robson coat which is slowly taking shape. Slowly but surely!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Half Way and a Meet-Up

Me Made May Days 12 - 17

Day 12, Sunday (Mother's Day)
I managed to have 4 Me Made items on today. My favourite Jalie jeans,  Sewaholic Renfrew tee shirt and Sewaholic Minoru jacket .......

------And let's not forget the Hedera socks!!

After a nice Mother's Day brunch cooked by my boys, I just did odds and ends until it was time to get a train to Montreal, where I have been working all week.

Day 13 (Monday)

My Sewaholic Pendrell. Blouse this for work with black trousers,

Also a meet-up today. Another Sewing Scientist and I got together for dinner after work in Downtown Montreal. It was cool and windy which explains the wind swept hair for our Me Made May Photo Op!!

Day 14 (Tuesday)
My Colette Patterns Beignet skirt. I am in beautiful Montreal and my pictures are taken in my hotel room because I hate to do this sort of thing in public!

Day 15 (Wednesday)
The Halway point. I am wearing my brown linen Colette Patterns  Meringue skirt. Although I refer to this as my tulip skirt because of the scallops at the hem. 

 Day 16 (Thursday)
Not a good photo at all. In my defense I am getting used to my new camera and the settings. This is my very easy Vogue skirt and top. 

Day 17 (Friday)
The Mathilde blouse worn with jeans. I got some really lovely comments on this blouse today. That means I should make another one!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

MMM Days 7 - 11

Tuesday was day 7 and I wore my Sewaholic Crescent Skirt with a little black RTW blouse. I made this skirt as part of a Sew Along back in 2011 and I still enjoy wearing it.

Days 8 & 9 (Wednesday and Thursday) I was at home sick and was not wearing anything me made. Not even my cute me made PJs!

Day 10 (Friday) and I worked from home. Seen here wearing RTW black cords and a Sewaholic Pendrell blouse with a scalloped collar added. I made this as part of the One Week One Pattern (OWOP) challenge last year.

Day 11 (Saturday) and off to do the usual chores. I am wearing RTW jeans a a new tee shirt I made the other day (still to be blogged). It is from a free Tessuti pattern that I downloaded a while ago.

Monday, May 6, 2013

MMM Days 5 and 6

 Day 5

Sunday was a glorious day weather wise in Southern Ontario. I was up early to see all three of my boys off to golf and then I headed into the trails and ran a 14 km loop. Unfortunately I have had no luck making running clothes, so no "me mades" there!

But later in the day I headed out to meet the gang for a late lunch after the golf. I wore a Sewaholic Pendrell top (View C) that has become a firm favourite in my wardrobe.  Made with a white eyelet cotton fabric. The trousers are linen RTW that I picked up on sale last year in the US (can't remember where!). The beaded shoes are from Woolworths in South Africa.

Day 6
Monday. Back to the grindstone! Today I wore one of my favourite "me made" items. A shirt dress from Burda (Burda 7827). Every time I wear it I wonder why I haven't made another one. One day.........

I also had a "me made' necklace on. So simple, it  is an old typewriter key with a "D" for....... well you know, threaded on a thin chain.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

MMM Days 3 and 4

Day 3
Fridays are casual day at work. So for today I work casual black pants with my Colette Patterns Violet blouse. I added my new red leather blazer as it was a little cool in the morning as I left for work.

I always feel like a bit of a school girl in this blouse, much as I love it and I have realized why. It is the collar that does it! I had a school uniform for 2 years that had a Peter Pan collar on the white shirt that was part of the winter uniform and also a white Peter Pan collar on a pink dress that was the summer uniform!

 Day 4

Saturday. A perfect day for wearing my bright yellow short sleeve, V-neck version of the Sewaholic Renfrew t-shirt.

My day consisted of grocery shopping and other odds and ends, and then some work in the garden.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

MMM Day 2

Am I the only person who has mornings when they roll out of bed (late) and everything needs to be ironed? That is why this is one of my favorite dresses, for those mornings!! 

It is the type of fabric that does not crease (so ideal for travelling too!). I can throw it on and I’m good to go without going near the iron!!

The pattern is now unfortunately out of print. I got the fabric at the Toronto Bloggers Meet-up back in February from the lovely Seraphinalina who had also made a dress with it.

Above is a pic taken up close so you can see the pattern on the fabric. Sounds better than saying I had technical difficulties with the self timer on my camera!!!

What did I do today, I went to work!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Me Made May 2013

I kicked off Me Made May 2013 with a very low key top.

A blue and grey Pendrell which is a "go to" in my closet for work, paired either with this grey trouser suit or a similar colour skirt suit.

What did I do today? I sat in meetings all day, in fact day three of meetings!! As an aside, I want to take as many of my MMM pictures in front of my Mulberry and Magnolia trees to see their progress this Spring.