Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work in Progress

I am making Gertie’s new pattern: Butterick 5882. The plan (if it turns out as I have it in my mind!!) is to wear it to a garden party that we are having on June 1st for someone’s (no names mentioned!) big Birthday.

I started off by making a muslin of the top. This is a new step to me. I have always worked on the theory that I have so little time to sew that I need to get right into the “proper sewing”. I did a muslin for the Lady Grey coat but that’s it! But this time I made the muslin. I think it fits fine, the interesting thing is that I have never worn a dress with a bra shelf, so It took some time to work out the placement of said shelf!!

Crouched on the hotel room floor in my Me Made PJs
Then I needed to get it all cut out and marked, but I had to spend a week in Montreal on business. So the first thing I packed was a little bag with the pre-washed fabric, the patterns, pins, tape measure and making pens. Then over two nights crouched on the floor (I missed my cutting table!) I had it all cut out, marked and pinned together.

I am using a black and white polka dot fabric for the body of the dress and a plain red for the bra part.

Now I am home and just need to sew it!

Robson Coat slowly taking shape
My other Work in progress is the Robson coat which is slowly taking shape. Slowly but surely!!!


  1. That's some serious dedication to take your project on a business trip with you.

    1. Even more so to do it on a carpet. I've tried pinning on carpets before and my work ended up stuck to the floor. :-(