Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring Sewing Swap

I recently participated in Kestrel Makes' Spring Sewing Swap. My first sewing swap. What fun! I was paired with Stephanie of 10 Sewing Machines and a Serger who lives in the US.

It was very exciting to get to know someone through their blog and choose things to send to them.

Once I had sent off my parcel to my Stephanie, I was stalking the post box waiting for my parcel to arrive, like a child at Christmas!!

I got the following:
Knit fabric
A Silhouttes pattern (Dana's top)
A marking pen

I had never heard of this pattern company and am very keen to use the fabric Stephanie sent me to make up the V neck version of this top.

Love the sewing themed card!

 I unfortuantely did not take a pic of what I sent Stephanie, so I have shamelessly "borrowed" a pic from Stephanie's blog to show what I sent her!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Butterick 5882

When I saw this pattern announced on Gerties New Blog For Better Sewing, I knew I had to try it.

The "shelf bust", the boning in the bodice, this had to be the party dress I was looking for!

Of course, being me, I leave it until 2 weeks before the party and I was going to spend a week in Montreal on business! No problem, the first thing I packed was the washed fabric, pattern, pins, scissors etc. I made the muslin and fitted it before I left so that I knew there were no modifications I had to make. I then spent two nights on my hands and knees on a hotel room floor. The floor is never the best place to do cutting out and especially not a hotel room floor.

I cut out, marked and pinned all while hunched over. But it was worth it because when I got home, all I had to do was sew everything together and insert the zip and the boning.

I chose to do an exposed zipper as I like this particular design feature and was looking for an opportunity to try it. (see pic below)

I am pleased with my choice of red for the "shelf bust" and strap. All in all a great pattern and it was a great party dress!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Birthday Cake for a Sewing Enthusiast

I recently had a Birthday, big enough to warrant a party and a friend of mine made the most amazing cake. It was a sewing themed cake. It was a surprise and I had no idea until she arrived on the night.

All the decorations were handmade in fondant. Cotton reels, a dress dummy, lace, scissors, buttons, tape measure, a pin cushion with pins, to name a few. It was fantastic.

My friend is a Scientist by day and has been taking a cake decorating course in her spare time.

The cake is long gone, but I can't bear to throw the decorations away. They are in my kitchen drying out, not sure how long they will last, or what I even plan on doing with them, but anyway!!

My dress (I'm on the left) is Gerties Pattern for Butterick (5882) and still needs to be blogged about.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

MMM Days 26 - 31

The final stretch!

Day 26 (Sunday). I wore my blue  Sewaholic Renfrew tee shirt with black RTW yoga pants. I had spent the day doing a long run and then playing golf, but as mentioned before, a gap in my Me Made Wardrobe is sport gear.

Day 27 (Monday) I wore Simplicity 2848, a jumper dress. Shown with my Tim Horton's coffee clutched in my hand!

Day 28 (Tuesday) I wore my Sewaholic Crescent skirt. Every time I wear this I tell myself I really must make another one.

Day 29 (Wednesday). I wore a very simple A-line skirt, which was my first attempt at pattern drafting about three years ago.

Day 30 (Thursday). I wore my Sewaholic Cambie dress, worn with a grey RTW cardigan from Target.

Day 31(Friday). I finished off the week with the Colette Patterns Violet blouse with RTW jeans.

So that is MMM 2013 over. As always I really enjoyed the challenge and it has shown me some gaps in my wardrobe:

  • Sport gear (yoga, running and golf). I have some patterns and have even tried some but no great success. I need to try again.
  • I need more casual pants and jeans. I have been meaning to make Sewaholic Thurlow pants and another pair of Jalie jeans will be useful.
  • I need more casual skirts. I used to have a white denim skirt and a blue denim jeans style skirt. Both Me Made and worn often, but put out with my last donation of clothing for various reasons. Time for some re-makes!!
Thanks again to Zoe for organizing!