Sunday, June 2, 2013

MMM Days 26 - 31

The final stretch!

Day 26 (Sunday). I wore my blue  Sewaholic Renfrew tee shirt with black RTW yoga pants. I had spent the day doing a long run and then playing golf, but as mentioned before, a gap in my Me Made Wardrobe is sport gear.

Day 27 (Monday) I wore Simplicity 2848, a jumper dress. Shown with my Tim Horton's coffee clutched in my hand!

Day 28 (Tuesday) I wore my Sewaholic Crescent skirt. Every time I wear this I tell myself I really must make another one.

Day 29 (Wednesday). I wore a very simple A-line skirt, which was my first attempt at pattern drafting about three years ago.

Day 30 (Thursday). I wore my Sewaholic Cambie dress, worn with a grey RTW cardigan from Target.

Day 31(Friday). I finished off the week with the Colette Patterns Violet blouse with RTW jeans.

So that is MMM 2013 over. As always I really enjoyed the challenge and it has shown me some gaps in my wardrobe:

  • Sport gear (yoga, running and golf). I have some patterns and have even tried some but no great success. I need to try again.
  • I need more casual pants and jeans. I have been meaning to make Sewaholic Thurlow pants and another pair of Jalie jeans will be useful.
  • I need more casual skirts. I used to have a white denim skirt and a blue denim jeans style skirt. Both Me Made and worn often, but put out with my last donation of clothing for various reasons. Time for some re-makes!!
Thanks again to Zoe for organizing!

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  1. Tim Horton's coffee and even a mention to the new Target stores- you're a true Canadian. I love your Violet blouse - I think this is the first time I've seen it where I thought it was something I could wear.