Friday, April 29, 2011

Cardigan Refashion

I have been reading several blogs about refashioning cardigans and sweaters. So I thought I would give it a try. I Picked up a plain black cardigan from Value Village and after giving it a good wash, decided that all it needed was new buttons.
Before. Cardigan with 12 plain plastic buttons

Why have 12 matching buttons when I could use 12 different ones from my button stash? Instead of going to the trouble of re-working the button holes, I sewed the buttons on over the holes, and then put snap fasteners on to close the cardigan. Two of the buttons (the green flat one and the plain grey one) are actually had made by me. Many years ago I did a pottery class and made this out of some odd pieces of clay.
After. More interest with different buttons

Snap fasteners inside

The Royal Wedding - High Tea

I was up at 4.30 am this morning to start watching the Royal Wedding, I was not disappointed. Kate's dress was lovely. I'm surprised with all that media attention that she was able to keep the designer secret for so long. Very elegant. The whole wedding was lovely, no one can do pomp and ceremony like the English! Made me proud to be English (even if I haven't lived there in many, many years!!!)

Later at work, in honor of the  Royal Wedding, the cafeteria did High Tea. Scones with jam and cream, finger sandwhiches, cupcakes and pots of tea for $5. A colleague and I decided this would make a great team building event. So the department, many of us in dresses rather than the usual Friday jeans, donned hats and made tea time that extra bit special. Unfortunately most of the males in our department were suddenly too busy to join us!!!

I finished this dress recently had not had the opportunity to wear it.  It is Vogue V8353 which is unfortunately out of print at the moment. I had seen the pattern in a magazine and bought the pattern last year. I started it and then put it to one side and only recently finished it.

The pattern called for a lace insert above the hem and pretty though it looked, I decided against this, especially if I plan to wear in into the office again!

The  hat was from Winners. I wanted a fascinator, but I didn't have time to look around and find/make one. Next time I am dressing up though I will wear a fascinator as well!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Shirt Sew-Along

Finished at long last!!!

I am actually very happy with the result. My son is as well. He really likes the blue flannel check that he chose. Also the lime green check for some inside pieces. The collar and collar stand is drafted from another shirt.

Since I started the shirt making process, I find myself staring observing men's shirts to get ideas on pockets, collars, cuffs etc. I will definitely be making more

I learnt a lot doing this, my next attempt will be  a ladies shirt for myself. Thanks Peter!

The finished shirt
Here are a few photos of my son modeling the shirt. The dark spot on the pocket is water. I was washing off the water soluble marker and I didn't think the wet mark would show in the picture. I had to get the photos done tonight as my son is off to a friend's cottage tomorrow night for the weekend!

Inside Cuffs
The cuffs
Now time for a quick cuppa before getting to work on the jeans Sew-Along!! Well maybe I have a few weeks, time enough to do the button holes on my black and white check dress that was part of the Spring Palette Challenge.
The inside yoke and collar stand

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Me Made March - The End

It's over! I for one had a great time in March. It was fun seeing how far I could stretch my wardrobe with self-stitched clothes.

Here are the last 3 days.

Day 29, Tuesday. The other Pendrell blouse worn with a grey skirt suit.

I liked the blouse more this time when I wore it!

Day 30, Wednesday. I had hoped not to repeat an outfit and today was a total repeat. The beige mandarin collar top worn with black trousers and jacket.

I am really impressed with this top. Four wears and I previously I haven't worn it in a couple of years!!

Day 31, Thursday. The last day. I wore what has become a favourite, the black and white Pendrell blouse, this time with grey trousers, not shown the matching grey jacket.

So a full list of what I wore this month that was self-stitched:
Purple Dress
Black pinafore/jumper dress
Black and white skirt
Black and white Pendrell blouse
Gold coloured Pendrell blouse
Beige cropped trousers
Beige top
Denim skirt
Beige A-Line skirt
2 Aprons
2 hand knitted sweaters
Infinity scarf
Blue and white t-shirt
Crepe Dress
Blue/mauve scarf
Various items of beaded costume jewellry

I now know where the gaps in my wardrobe are. For a sporty person, I have made no active gear (i.e. running and yoga).  I did make a yoga mat bag a while ago, need some more things. Can't be that difficult, can it????

I need to make casual clothes, to that end I am going to sign-up for the jeans Sew-Along, with Peter, at Male Pattern Boldness. I received my Crescent Skirt pattern in the post on Thursday, so there are a few pieces of fabric just ready to be made into skirts and I am thinking casual here.

If there is another Me Made, or Self Stitched month later in the year, I'll sign up again, and hopefully be in a position to up the ante and promise to wear complete self-stitched outfits for a month.

So all I can say is thanks so much Zoe, it was a pleasure!!!!