Saturday, April 2, 2011

Me Made March - The End

It's over! I for one had a great time in March. It was fun seeing how far I could stretch my wardrobe with self-stitched clothes.

Here are the last 3 days.

Day 29, Tuesday. The other Pendrell blouse worn with a grey skirt suit.

I liked the blouse more this time when I wore it!

Day 30, Wednesday. I had hoped not to repeat an outfit and today was a total repeat. The beige mandarin collar top worn with black trousers and jacket.

I am really impressed with this top. Four wears and I previously I haven't worn it in a couple of years!!

Day 31, Thursday. The last day. I wore what has become a favourite, the black and white Pendrell blouse, this time with grey trousers, not shown the matching grey jacket.

So a full list of what I wore this month that was self-stitched:
Purple Dress
Black pinafore/jumper dress
Black and white skirt
Black and white Pendrell blouse
Gold coloured Pendrell blouse
Beige cropped trousers
Beige top
Denim skirt
Beige A-Line skirt
2 Aprons
2 hand knitted sweaters
Infinity scarf
Blue and white t-shirt
Crepe Dress
Blue/mauve scarf
Various items of beaded costume jewellry

I now know where the gaps in my wardrobe are. For a sporty person, I have made no active gear (i.e. running and yoga).  I did make a yoga mat bag a while ago, need some more things. Can't be that difficult, can it????

I need to make casual clothes, to that end I am going to sign-up for the jeans Sew-Along, with Peter, at Male Pattern Boldness. I received my Crescent Skirt pattern in the post on Thursday, so there are a few pieces of fabric just ready to be made into skirts and I am thinking casual here.

If there is another Me Made, or Self Stitched month later in the year, I'll sign up again, and hopefully be in a position to up the ante and promise to wear complete self-stitched outfits for a month.

So all I can say is thanks so much Zoe, it was a pleasure!!!!

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