Monday, March 28, 2011

Me Made March

The Home Stretch

Days 24 to 28

Thursday, Day 24. Today was the purple dress and black jacket. I am trying to at least not have an exact combination of clothes this month. Although I don’t want to speak too soon, still a few days to go!

Day 25. It must be Friday as it’s the denim skirt again! This time paired with an H&M shirt.

Saturday, Day 26. I have been wanting to wear my Colette Crepe dress, but have not been anywhere that I felt it was suitable this month (and I don’t feel it is suitable for work). So I wore it to dinner at a friend’s house knowing that I would be way over dressed, but also wanted to show off the dress!!

Sunday, Day 27. In this picture I have just finished the 30km “Around the Bay Road Race” in Hamilton and had done a quick change in order to take my older son out for brunch before dropping him back at res. The sweater is hand knitted mohair and it is the second time I have worn it as part of this challenge. Yes, that is the race medal still around my neck!!

Monday, Day 28. The black skirt again, this time with the white blouse and red cardi (both Jacob) and black tights. You can't really see the necklace, but it is also self made, with turquoise, coral and stirling silver. 

Three more days to go!!

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