Friday, March 18, 2011

Me Made March

Days 9 to 13

How time flies when you are having fun. It is becoming more of a challenge and it has certainly shown me the gaps in my wardrobe. let's just hope I learn from the gaps and sew accordingly the rest of the year!!

Day 9 was the purple dress again, this time worn with a black cardigan.

Day 10 was my second Pendrell blouse. I don't like the frills on me. When I make another (and I am planning several) it won't be this version. i wore it with black pants and my favourite jacket from H&M

Day 11 was Friday and casual day, so it was the denim skirt again, this time with a white t-shirt and sweater.
Day 12. Saturday, came home from a long run and had no plans for anything other than slouching around the house all day (and doing exciting things like housework!!), so this hand knitted jacket was perfect. I knitted it about 15 years ago from a Kaffe Fasset book of patterns.
And then we had Sunday. Day 13. As mentioned several times, the gap in my wardrobe is casual wear, and not doing anything exciting meant I had no reason to dress up. But it did force me to finish an UFO. An apron from Vogue 8643 (an original 1952 design). Perfect for baking biscotti. I started the apron last year, and then ended up making two for friends, and after that I was sick of sewing aprons!! I do have some more cute material and plan to make another one as well.

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