Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The shirt sew-along

Well at long last I have nearly finished Matt's shirt. I am so glad that I did the muslin step by step with the sew-along. Now that I am doing the real thing it is going very quickly. So many other things just got in the way of sewing the shirt.

But here are a few pics.
The Muslin (above) was actually a bed sheet until about 2 days before this picture was taken. I had just decided it was getting too worn to be used when it got put to a better use! On the right are the fabric choices. The blue check for the main part of the shirt and the green for the inside yoke, inside cuff, inside pocket flap and inside front facing (when I get to that!)

Below is the half complete shirt. I am pleased with it so far as is the recipient! I have drafted a pattern for  new collar and collar stand based on one of his favourite shirts.

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