Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me Made March

Days 5 - 8

Stop press! Great excitement! Gertie from Gerties New Blog For better Sewing, featured a picture of my crepe dress on her blog on the weekend.


Anyway, back to MMM. This weekend I discovered a major gap in my wardrobe of handmade clothes. I haven't made casual clothes. So at lunchtime today I nipped up the road to Fabricland and bought two pieces of knit fabric and will make two tops for weekend / casual wear.

So what did I wear this weekend? Well on Saturday I remembered a sweater I knitted a number of years ago. While on holiday in the Eastern Cape of South Africa (KleineMond for anyone who knows the area!), I bought some hand spun angora at a little farm. The earrings are also hand crafted, from beads from one of my Grandmother's necklaces. So quite suitable for a day at the Toronto Golf and Travel show.

Sunday was tough. After my long run, all I was planning to do was laze around the house. Tempting as it was to put on an evening dress and pretend that is how I spend my Sundays, all I could come up with was an apron. I ask you, an apron!! It has a winter theme so very fitting as we had a huge dump of snow on Saturday night.
Monday and today were good. Yesterday I wore a hand sewn top made a number of years ago from an old McCall's pattern 7444. I had made the jacket and skirt too, but they are long gone. I teamed this up with black trousers and jacket.

Today was a black skirt from Simplicity  5259. Worn with a plain white blouse and a grey  sweater.

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