Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Jewelry Box

When I am not sewing, I like to do some beading. Over the years I have made a number of pieces of jewelry. Mainly necklaces and bracelets. But I didn't have anywhere to store them, they were stashed away in drawers or in my closet. so they were being forgotten about and not being worn.

Then I had an idea, a flash of inspiration you could say and my very resourceful hubby was able to make the idea a reality. Basically I had the idea of having a storage space behind a long mirror which would hang on the bedroom wall.

We found the perfect mirror at Ikea, it had a box type frame with the mirror right at the front. Hubby then attached a piece of wood to the wall the same size as the framed mirror, attached the mirror frame to the wood with hinges on one long side and a magnetic closure on the other side. I then took small and medium size cup hooks and screwed those into the wood.  So below is a picture of it closed. It looks just like any mirror on a wall.
But then when you press the mirror on the right hand side (where the magnetic closure is) it opens to display all my bead work!
And a closer view:

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  1. Well, sewing and jewelry-making work together most of the time. Have you taken a course on bead-making? Your masterpieces look great. How much time did it take to finish those? :)

    >Jeffry Pullam