Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Palette Challenge

At long last I managed to finish three pieces for the Spring Palette Challenge. I realized that I have a very bad habit of leaving the final hand sewing and then moving on the the next project. So yesterday I forced my self to sit and sew while watching a movie. Zombieland. My only excuse was that there are teenage boys in the house and one had control of the remote!!

Anyway, I finished a beige a-line skirt. Self drafted, my first attempt actually. Then I made a pair of cropped pants in a light brown from Simplicity pattern 5259 and also a skirt and top from vogue 2218. I had said I wanted to do a beige jumper dress, but I had this material in my stash and it looked very similar to the picture on the vogue pattern envelope, so made that instead!

Now I have a piece of black material ready to cut out more cropped pants. I also want to make a black a-line skirt as I have so much to wear with a black skirt for work (even though it wasn't on my initial list for the challenge).

I also have the black and white check dress ready except for button holes and a hem.

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