Monday, July 14, 2014

Spring Sewing Swap 2014

I took part for the second year in a row in the Spring Sewing Swap hosted by Kestrel Finds And Makes.

I was so excited when I received my parcel from Claire at I WantTo Be A Turtle that I didn't take a photo of my parcel beautifully wrapped in tissue paper tied up with a big pink ribbon!

But here are the contents!!

Two lovely pieces of fabric. A black and white stripe and a beautiful patterned piece. Two Burda patterns, some buttons and some white lace. Spoilt girl!!

Thanks Claire!

Monday, June 30, 2014


My Knitcation is a vacation that we are planning at the end of August. To me part of the fun of a vacation, is the planning that leads up to it, so this Knitcation is exactly my type of pre-vacation planning!!!

The vacation is going to include Kelowna, Vancouver, Tofino and Victoria. My 7 day wardrobe is based around one Moneta and two Mabels.

Day 1 - Travel Day
 Red Mabel, Black and white stripe tee, black and white spotted Keds and a white denim jacket.

Day 2 - Dinner out after a round of golf
Blue Moneta, Self made multi-coloured bead necklace, shoes and a white denim jacket in case it is chilly!

Day 3 - Wine tasting in the Okanagan valley
Beige Mabel, with a blue lace top, copper necklace from South Africa and my favourite beaded flat shoes.

Day 4 - Sightseeing in Vancouver

Red Mabel, White Sewaholic Pendrell, White denim jacket, Black and white shoes, Black and white beaded necklace.

Day 5 - Lunch at Butter Baked goods and Cafe in Vancouver. I was given the book, "Butter, Baked Goods" for my Birthday and I really want to go and try some of their goodies!

Blue Moneta, Multi coloured wrap, Copper necklace and bead shoes

Day 6 - Beach day in Tofino, Vancouver Island
Red Mabel, white cotton shirt, black straw sunhat. The bikini is self stitched and the beach bag was crocheted using plastic shopping bags by a very dear friend back in South Africa many, many years ago and still going strong!

Day 7 - Dinner out in Victoria
Beige Mabel, cream lace sleeveless top, cream close, Pearl multi strand necklace (self made) bead shoes and large handbag!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mabel Skirt

I have finished my first Colette Patterns Mabel skirt.

Even though I am short, I added on a couple of inches to the length and am happy with it. I love red and haven't had a red skirt for a while.

I think it took me an hour to whip this up on Sunday afternoon. How nice to have such a quick and easy sew for a change!

I used a double knit and my over locker ( serger) for everything except the hem. I used a twin needle for that.

This is the first piece for my Knitcation challenge. Another mabel this week in a camel coloured knit and then one or two Monetas 

I took the photos with my phone this evening, as I know i am going to be so busy the rest of the week, won't have time to do nice outside photos.

Monday, June 2, 2014

OAL 2014

I have joined the Outfit Along 2014 (OAL 2014) co-hosted by Lauren at Lladybird and Andi at Untangling Knots. It is a combined knit and sew along.

For the knitting side I have downloaded the Myrna cardigan pattern, found my yarn at my local store, The Woolbin, so just ready to cast on!

My yarn and fabric

For the sewing side, I had picked up both the pattern that is being used and the fabric at the last Toronto Sewing  Meet-up in November last year. It was just waiting to be sewn!!

I haven't decided on which version yet. Let the fun begin!!