Thursday, May 14, 2015

Style Arc Elita Designer Top

I took one look at the Style Arc Elita designer top and knew I had to make it. It also helped that I had a large piece of navy blue jersey in my sewing room just waiting to be used.

I love the fact that you can see a pattern, and download within minutes and print, piece together and be ready to go just like that.

This was my first Style Arc pattern. This was a very easy pattern to sew. In fact the printing and piecing together the pattern probably took longer than sewing this top up. Even though I did finish all my ends and hems, where the pattern tells you to leave them.

It looks good with the cowl (the trunk as the pattern calls it) either wrapped or left hanging loose.

I am planning a reversible one and I was thinking about a grey jersey and a black, I think it would look great the way the cowl neck drapes.

Not the best photos unfortunately!!

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