Monday, May 25, 2015

Me Made May days 18 -24

So week three and going strong. Well as long as you don't count Day 18. I had nothing, nada. It was a Public Holiday here in Ontario (Victoria Day) and I worked in the garden all day wearing an old tank top and shorts, neither of which were me made!

Day 19
Back to work after a nice long weekend. I wore a blue and grey Sewaholic Pendrell top.

Day 20
This scalloped-hem skirt is from The Colette Sewing Handbook. I made it in a brown linen-type fabric.

Day 21
Dropped waist dress made in a black and white cotton sateen. Burda pattern 8072

Day 22
This black and white gingham blouse is Colette patterns Violet blouse. I love the sweet little Peter Pan collar.

Day 23
Not a great photo of my outfit! I am actually wearing two me made items Three if you count the cute vintage button earrings! I am wearing my new Style Arc Elita Designer top and underneath that I am wearing a Sewaholic Alma blouse.

Day 24

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  1. Very nice outfits! I might have to copy your brown scalloped skirt! I made a red one in the past but sadly it's too big. Also loving your bright yellow Renfrew!!!