Saturday, May 14, 2011

Me Made June

A dress that I will hopefully be wearing as part of
Me Made June, without the hat probably!!
Vogue V8353
I have joined up for Me Made June. I posted the following on Zoe's website 

"I, Debbie of sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavour to wear at least one self stitched item for every activity, for each day of June 2011.

To clarify, this means when I go to yoga, golf  or go for a run I should be wearing a self stitched item as well. I think I have enough clothes to get me through the work week, so I have upped the ante to include sports clothes too!!"

I really enjoyed Me Made March. So here goes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sew Along updates

So currently I am busy with both the Jeans Sew Along as well as the Crescent Skirt Sew Along.

Jalie 2908
Cut out and ready to go!!
I got to cut out the jeans on the weekend. I am using a Jalie pattern (2908), which is made for stretch denim. After tracing the pattern pieces onto tracing paper, I cut out the low rise style. This took some concentration as each piece has 27 sizes!

Not doing a muslin, hope I am not going to reget that decision!! Must pluck up the courage and start sewing now!

The skirt
With the crescent skirt I have interfaced the waistband pieces, done the pockets,gathered the skirt front and back pieces and sewn the front and back pieces together. I love the fabric I chose (Fabricland). I have several different blouses to wear with it.

I am already planning a second skirt. I have some white denim left over from a previous skirt and plan to do the waistband in this. For the body of the skirt I found some green gingham type fabric at Value Village for about $4.

I also decided to do something with my patterns, as we all know they never seem to fit back nicely back into the original envelope! So while at Walmart the other day I picked up some plastic envelope/pouches. I'll pick up a few each time I'm there and my high use patterns can be stored away properly.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Line Sewing Communities

Are sewing bloggers cultural leaders? 

Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons blog, posed some interesting questions. I thought I'd take the time to answer them as being fairly new to the on-line sewing community I could give some insight into why I read sewing blogs.

I read somewhere that a blog entry always needs a photo. So here are my daffodils.

What does the online sewing community mean to you? Why do you participate? 

None of my friends sew. So sewing has always been a lonesome hobby. No one to discuss failures and successes with who would really understand! I could join sewing classes and get to meet people that way, however I have a very busy life. Day job, husband, children, other activities (running, yoga and golf!!), so sewing is sometimes done late at night or for 15 minutes while something is on the stove. The on-line sewing community is ideal for me, I can access it when I want, on my own time. I have to admit that I am very new to the on-line sewing world. I only discovered sewing blogs late last year and started my own in January this year. I have no idea if people read it, but it is helping to keep me on track and get projects finished

What are your favourite examples of projects initiated by sewing bloggers that capture this spirit of collaboration, creativity and innovation? 

My favourite exmple has to be Me Made March. Tons of people, most who have never met before, all completing the same challenge for a month. I found it very inspiring, seeing all the photos posted and the comments people made. It also served as a learning exercise for me, seeing where I had gaps in my wardrobe. I now have a more comprehensive list of future sewing projects.

I also have done several Sew Alongs and although I am not a total novice sewer, I have certainly learnt a lot, and picked up so many useful tips and hints.

Who are the “leaders” in the sewing blogosphere? Is everyone / can anyone be a leader? 

I don’t think there is one leader. I think it depends on what you are looking for or are busy with at the time. For instance the sew alongs have a leader for that period of the sew along.

Anyone can be a leader if you are writing/ doing things that interest other people. It is very fluid and constantly changing.

Are you involved in any other network of makers, whether online or offline? What makes sewing blogs unique?

I have friends who do a lot of beading and I sometimes join them and complete a bead project or two. I also have another friend who does a lot of crafting and we are getting together to make hypertufa projects for the garden as soon as the weather warms up!

I have not done much research to see if the blogs out there for other crafts are as good as the sewing crafts.

I like the way that we can watch Tasia of Sewaholic or the Cupcake Goddess make a career change using the sewing blogs. The blogs have probably helped them see a niche in the market which they have filled. (I mention these two only as they have made their changes while I have been reading their blogs!!)

I think the sewing blogs, teach, inspire and amuse me!

What do you think?