Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Shirt Sew-Along

Finished at long last!!!

I am actually very happy with the result. My son is as well. He really likes the blue flannel check that he chose. Also the lime green check for some inside pieces. The collar and collar stand is drafted from another shirt.

Since I started the shirt making process, I find myself staring observing men's shirts to get ideas on pockets, collars, cuffs etc. I will definitely be making more

I learnt a lot doing this, my next attempt will be  a ladies shirt for myself. Thanks Peter!

The finished shirt
Here are a few photos of my son modeling the shirt. The dark spot on the pocket is water. I was washing off the water soluble marker and I didn't think the wet mark would show in the picture. I had to get the photos done tonight as my son is off to a friend's cottage tomorrow night for the weekend!

Inside Cuffs
The cuffs
Now time for a quick cuppa before getting to work on the jeans Sew-Along!! Well maybe I have a few weeks, time enough to do the button holes on my black and white check dress that was part of the Spring Palette Challenge.
The inside yoke and collar stand

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