Monday, June 10, 2013

A Birthday Cake for a Sewing Enthusiast

I recently had a Birthday, big enough to warrant a party and a friend of mine made the most amazing cake. It was a sewing themed cake. It was a surprise and I had no idea until she arrived on the night.

All the decorations were handmade in fondant. Cotton reels, a dress dummy, lace, scissors, buttons, tape measure, a pin cushion with pins, to name a few. It was fantastic.

My friend is a Scientist by day and has been taking a cake decorating course in her spare time.

The cake is long gone, but I can't bear to throw the decorations away. They are in my kitchen drying out, not sure how long they will last, or what I even plan on doing with them, but anyway!!

My dress (I'm on the left) is Gerties Pattern for Butterick (5882) and still needs to be blogged about.


  1. Happy Birthday! With great friends, health and sewing what else could anyone want?

  2. Happy birthday! What a thoughtful friend, she clearly knows you well.

  3. Catching up on my blog reading and wanted to say Belated Happy Birthday! What a lovely cake and your party dress is fabulous!!!

  4. Wow, that is fantastic! (and I have to say that after meeting you twice in person, I wouldn't have guessed your age....:)