Monday, May 6, 2013

MMM Days 5 and 6

 Day 5

Sunday was a glorious day weather wise in Southern Ontario. I was up early to see all three of my boys off to golf and then I headed into the trails and ran a 14 km loop. Unfortunately I have had no luck making running clothes, so no "me mades" there!

But later in the day I headed out to meet the gang for a late lunch after the golf. I wore a Sewaholic Pendrell top (View C) that has become a firm favourite in my wardrobe.  Made with a white eyelet cotton fabric. The trousers are linen RTW that I picked up on sale last year in the US (can't remember where!). The beaded shoes are from Woolworths in South Africa.

Day 6
Monday. Back to the grindstone! Today I wore one of my favourite "me made" items. A shirt dress from Burda (Burda 7827). Every time I wear it I wonder why I haven't made another one. One day.........

I also had a "me made' necklace on. So simple, it  is an old typewriter key with a "D" for....... well you know, threaded on a thin chain.

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