Thursday, May 2, 2013

MMM Day 2

Am I the only person who has mornings when they roll out of bed (late) and everything needs to be ironed? That is why this is one of my favorite dresses, for those mornings!! 

It is the type of fabric that does not crease (so ideal for travelling too!). I can throw it on and I’m good to go without going near the iron!!

The pattern is now unfortunately out of print. I got the fabric at the Toronto Bloggers Meet-up back in February from the lovely Seraphinalina who had also made a dress with it.

Above is a pic taken up close so you can see the pattern on the fabric. Sounds better than saying I had technical difficulties with the self timer on my camera!!!

What did I do today, I went to work!

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  1. Yes, I'm with you on loving knits for exactly that. I love that fabric, it's such a nice print and it really does wear well.