Sunday, October 6, 2013

FESA 2013

My first finished item for FESA 2013! And it was a real quickie.

I had purchased another ball of Sashay yarn as it is very quick to knit up a scarf in an evening and adds a nice pop of colour to an outfit. But the band around the yarn had a pattern for a "Quick and Sassy Chain Scarf".

Oooh, something new to try! You basically make a long length chain stitches using your fingers instead of a crochet hook. They suggest using two or three fingers depending on how big you want the chains to be. I used two fingers and used the entire ball. Then I draped it round my neck several times and once I had it the lengths I wanted. I then tied it off at the back, ensuring that the end of the yarn wrapped several times around all the strands. It is now easy just to slip it on over my head.

I am wearing this with one of my wardrobe staples, one of my Sewaholic Renfrews. I love that pattern!

The bracelet is also Me-Made, from my beading years! Also a very quick and easy project. You take safety pins and put beads on them. Then thread these pins (alternating tops and bottoms of the safety pins) onto elastic with beads in between.

I was meant to knit gloves for FESA and then this was to do after that if I had time!!!

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