Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MMM Days 15 to 21

Tuesday to Thursday was pretty much my usual week. Work, work, work!!

On Tuesday I wore my Vogue pattern skirt and top (Vogue Easy Options 2218). I really like this outfit for the office. I paired it with a black jacket.

Wednesday I wore a simple black skirt (an old Simplicity pattern, 5259) made a couple of years ago, teamed with a white shirt and my favorite red cardi.

Thursday was time for my Crescent skirt. A repeat, but this time I paired it with a black top.

But Friday was different. Friday found me on a plane bound for Victoria on Vancouver Island. For the trip I wore casual black pants and my light blue Renfrew top. I also wore my Minoru jacket when we landed as it was damp and chilly out there. In the evening I changed into my green Renfrew top with jeans.

Saturday morning I went for a run around the harbor front wearing a me made running top. Later I changed into my black Jalie Jeans, but no photos unfortunately.

We spent Sunday morning at Butchart Gardens. What an amazing place. I wore my new v-neck, short sleeved Renfrew top made in a bright Sunshine Yellow. I made it as part of the Spring Palette Challenge. I don't usually like a v-neck, but wanted to try the style and I actually quite like it.

For the trip home on Monday I wore my casual black pants again with my white eyelet Pendrell and a long denim shirt.

Oh and I also wore my new Jammies.

All in all a wonderful weekend away and I want to move out to Victoria!! I found a lovely yarn store and a fabric store right near our hotel, but I just looked. I am so far behind on my sewing that I couldn't bring myself to buy more fabric. And I have just started to knit a sweater, an Owl Sweater so more than enough to keep me busy with!!


  1. Great outfits - I'm loving the Renfrew tops.

  2. Thanks! The Renfrew is my new favorite pattern at the moment!