Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Me Made May 2012

I did blog a few weeks ago about Me Made May, but I never put my pledge out there.

So here goes: "I, Debbie of Debbie Sew Debbie, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavour to wear at least one self stitched item each day for the duration of May 2012'

Of course I had grandiose ides of finishing everything I had started and more so that I could wear all these new items this month, but that wasn’t happening. Work and life just got in the way. So I will try and be creative with some of the pieces that have shown up with more than alarming regularity in last year’s Me Made and Self Stitched months. I want to try and avoid the “oh no, not that .... purple dress again” type of feelings!!

So day one saw me wake up in my new Jammie's. No photos taken. 

Self Portrait before work
Then on to my Simplicity Jumper. This is great for work and I wear it with either a white shirt as I did here, or a black shirt or even a long sleeved t-shirt. When wearing the white shirt, I like to pair it with my red cardigan. As to the footwear, in winter it is long black boots and now for spring, I prefer sheer stockings and a little heel for the office.

Using official photographer after work

In the evening we headed into Toronto to watch a Marlies hockey game at the Ricoh Colosseum. I changed into my self stitched jeans (Jalie) and the sweater I knitted as part of the Newbie and the Knitter knit along in September last year. The photos aren't too clear because as much as I wanted to have a photo taken somewhere other than my entrance hall, I do get a bit embarrassed with people watching! 

Day two and I overslept! So it was a matter of what did not need ironing to get out of the door as quickly as possible while still looking presentable for work. So the obvious choice was my black and white Pendrell with black pants. I did throw on a little black cardigan before I left the house.

Do not adjust your screen, the photo is not straight! 
I have also lost my morning photographer as he and my older son are now leaving for work before 7am and even if I don’t oversleep(!!), I am not dressed at that time.

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