Saturday, May 26, 2012

MMM Days 22 - 26

After a lovely long weekend away, it was back to the grindstone on Tuesday.

Day 22. I wore my favorite Pendrell with black trousers.

Day 23. I wore my self drafted A line skirt that I made last year.

Day 24. I wore my Pendrell with the frilly sleeves. I always say I don't really like that Pendrell and only wear it as part of these challenges, but I always get nice comments on it.

Day 25. I wore a denim skirt I made a while ago when I just got back into sewing. It is from a 1990's jeans and skirt pattern.

In the evening I went round to a friend to celebrate her graduation. I wore black cropped trousers made last year. The top is as old as the hills and the necklace is me made!

Day 26. After yoga this morning I headed out to a coffee date with the girls for a belated Birthday celebration. I wore what is fast becoming a wardrobe staple, my white eyelet, sleeveless Pendrell. I wore it with a skirt that many people assume I made myself because it matches a shirt I made last year. In fact the skirt came from H&M (I think!).

I was still wearing it later in the day after I came in from gardening, but this time paired with my ratty old track pants!

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