Sunday, June 5, 2011

MMJ Days 3 - 5

Usual photographer at work already!

Day 3
Friday, so casual day at work. I wore my jeans for the first time, paired with a  black and white striped shirt  from H&M and little black sandals (origin forgotten!).

The jeans felt good on, very comfortable. Excuse the over flowing laundry basket in the background of the photo, laundry in the process of being renovated so everything is in the hall!
The jeans (again!!)
Crochet shopping bag

Day 4
Me made necklace
Running around doing errands on Saturday and the only me made item I had was my crocheted shopping bag. But in the evening we did go out to dinner with friends and I wore my jeans again, this time with a sleeveless top (origin forgotten), really cute beaded shoes from Woolworths in South Africa purchased during a visit to Cape Town about 6 years ago and a self made chunky necklace.

Day 5
Before the run!
After the run!
Started the day with a run, so tried out my new running top that I made yesterday. I couldn’t find nice sporty type material at Fabricland, so I bought an extra large men’s golf shirt from Value Village, it was made of the nice dri fit type material. After a good wash, I cut out a vest top using an old pattern from a magazine series I collected in the late 80s “Successful Sewing”.

Close up of the flower!

I then made a cute fabric flower from a tutorial on the Collete patterns blog and stitched it to the neckline with a few pearl beads. Adds a bit of interest to an otherwise very plain top. Had a good run so the top is a keeper!!

The yoga mat bag!

Then headed off to a hot yoga class (I was home alone for the morning, the males in the house either playing golf or camping!). I haven’t quite finished the bra top that I am attempting, but I did have my self stitched yoga mat bag!

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