Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MMJ Days 6 and 7

Monday (day 6). Normal day at work. I wore a new skirt and top outfit that I had sewed as part of the Colette  Patterns blog Spring Palette Challenge. Vogue Easy Options 2218. Lovely pattern has it has several different top and skirt options. The fabric was a beige check from Fabricland. Necklace, a recent Birthday gift from a  friend. In the office I slipped a little black cardigan on.

Tuesday (day 7). Work and then a dinner out with colleagues. I wore my Crescent skirt. very happy with it and this is the first wear of it. Good fit and feels nice on. Going to start the second one this weekend. I love the pockets!

With a little cardigan

Without the cardigan


  1. Beautiful crescent skirt! I also love the dress!!! YAY for MMJ!

  2. Your crescent skirt is so nice. And by the way, those jeans you made are proof that not only are you brave for venturing into jean making territory, you're also a great sewist!

  3. Thanks Debi and Andrea. I find these Me Made months push me a bit to finish item and try new things!

  4. I love your dress - that beige check fabric is very chic looking. And your crescent skirt is very beautiful! Two great looking outfits.