Sunday, June 19, 2011

MMJ Days 16 - 19

I need more me made clothes for summer!!

On Thursday I wore my "OMG I didn't know Coach made dresses" dress. I got some wonderful comments earlier in the month when I posted on Flickr so have plans for another one. Comfortable to wear. One of my favorites.

What did I do today? Work!!

Friday it was jeans day. I went from work to see my younger son off to his prom and then on to dinner. I do like my jeans. None of my real live friends sew, so they are all terribly impressed when they hear (thanks to my husband) that I sewed the jeans!! The top is years and years old, and was bought back by someone I worked with who went home to Poland on a holiday.

Slightly underdressed next to a tuxedo!!

Saturday was the usual round of chores and my denim skirt was the ideal choice for something to wear. Paired with a plain white tee and a self made chain lariat necklace.

I think someone told me that the hands on the hips makes you look thinner!!!!

Sunday, Father's Day. My dad lives on the other side of the world (in Namibia) but luckily for Skype I was able to chat to see him this morning and chat. I helped the boys do a breakfast and nice dinner for their Dad. Otherwise a nice lazy day. I wore my Vogue pattern apron to assist with the BBQ and then changed into a skirt for dinner out on the deck. A me made gypsy skirt, self drafted from an old issue of Threads magazine and made in a crinkle cotton (no idea what the proper name of the fabric is!!). I made this about three years ago and it is a staple on a beach holiday.

Helping with the BBQ in a me made apron. Very 1950s!

Changed for dinner outside! oops, forgot the shoes!!

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