Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Jeans Are Finished

Finished at last!

Once I had actually plucked up the courage to sew the jeans, it was easier than I had anticipated. I cut out a size T in the Jalie pattern but could probably have gone down one size as I am using stretch denim. The waist band gapes about 2cm at the back. I debated unpicking and re-shaping the waistband, but decided in the end that as I always wear a belt, this would do for these jeans, but next time I will adjust accordingly.

Showing the gap at the top of the waistband
Gap not noticeable with a belt!

Yes, there will be a next time. I have my eye on black denim, white denim and beige as well!! Being height challenged (5’1 if I stand up tall!!), I find buying jeans a challenge, as if they fit, they are generally too long. Hems just change the shape of the leg. So now that I have discovered that I can make my own, there’s going to be no stopping me!!

My sons even looked impressed when I tried them on and were asking about when I was going to try a men’s jeans pattern!! One got the shirt earlier this year, so maybe the other one should get jeans! (If I didn’t have a day job, they could each get both!!!!)

I like the red colour that I chose for the top stitching. And I took the time to add a proper Jeans closure (button?) at the front as well as rivets in the right places.

Front closure

What I think helped me in sewing this, apart from the fact that the pattern has really clear instructions, is the fact that I kept a favourite pair of RTW jeans next to me as I stitched these jeans up. I could then keep referring to them as well.

Back pocket stitching

Now, whenever I see jeans (even if they are being worn by a total stranger at the time!) I can’t help but look and get ideas with regard to back pocket shapes, top stitching patterns on the back pockets (thanks to Matt for my design!), top stitching in general etc. Until you really look, jeans all look the same but they aren’t. 


  1. Great jeans, now I need to stop procrastinating about making mine. Thank goodness I'm not the only one checking out back pockets.

  2. Hi, I found your blog through the MMJ Flikr group. Love these jeans and good for you for taking the plunge and making them. This Jali pattern has been on my mind for a while, but I'm way too chicken to begin :)