Thursday, June 2, 2011

Me Made June (MMJ)

And we are off!

Day one was a usual day at work. I ended up wearing my favourite Pendrell blouse with black pants. Boring way to start this challenge, as I wore the blouse many times for MMM.

Today I wore a dress that I love. Burda 7827. It was a pleasure to sew this, it is cotton with a little bit of lycra in. The first time I wore this to work (2 years ago), one of the young fashionistas in the office was like "OMG, why didn't I know Coach were doing dresses!" I took that as a great compliment!

After work I played golf in my usual Thursdays ladies league. As part of the challenge I decided to also wear at least one self stitched for my sports as well (running, yoga and golf), not sure how successful I'm going to be in this regard. The cropped pants are Simplicity, I added large pockets in the side seams for golf balls and tees!

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