Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sewing Room update

One of my goals for this year was to organise my sewing room. I am always in such a hurry to get onto the next project that I let the "junk" accumulate.

But I did it! And it only ended up taking a morning. I cleared out two black garbage bags of scraps. I don't really quilt so who am I kidding keeping all the tiniest of pieces.

Sewing table before
Sewing table after

I have to be careful anyway as it is not so much a sewing room, but a sewing area. A little corner of the basement that hubby designed and built for me when I began sewing again.

Cutting table before

Cutting table after
The cutting table was so piled high with projects that I was using the boys' beer pong sorry table tennis table! You can imagine how that went down when they were home!! Now I even have room to display some of the postcards I picked up at the Ball Gown Exhibition that I went to see in London in summer! Some sewing inspiration!

Most of the patterns are neatly packed in a milk crate. 

Threads arranged by color as far as possible

Old friends found! (from my bear sewing days)
That was the easy part. keeping this way is the tough part!!!!


  1. Oh the never ending chore of cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing your sewing room. I love the big cutting board you have. My sewing room used to be in the basement but my husband went away to a conference and I moved it all upstairs to the spare bedroom. Its a lot warmer and I use the bed for holding onto half-finished projects.

  2. I did think of turning one of the boy's rooms in to a sewing room. Maybe they wouldn't even notice when they came home in summer??!!

  3. Looking good! My sewing room is a complete disaster area, it's even started spilling out of the room at the moment but I'll be fixing that part at least prior to guests coming this weekend.