Monday, March 11, 2013

A facelift!

For three years my orchid did nothing, now it blooms!!

I have been blogging for just on two years and for the first few months I kept it private, it was just for my own personal enjoyment. But then decided that I would change the settings and make it public. I am so glad I did as really enjoy the interaction with other like minded people.

Now I am about to give my blog a bit of a facelift.

First the name, I want something shorter, so we are going with  "Sew Debbie” (which sort of matches the website address). “Sew I Think I Can Sew” was too long!

Then the layout and color has changed! 

My trusty sewing companion!
I also want to really spent this year improving my photography as when I am looking at other blogs, it is often the pictures that catch my attention. Hence the random pics in this posting!!

Another change is to do a weekly check in of what I am busy with. Sometimes it is a few weeks before I have a finished article photographed ready to go. So this will hopefully keep me more on track, if I have a weekly update of where I am. My theory is that if I go public with half finished items / plan it will motivate me to get them competed more quickly!

On a sewing note I made another shopping bag, from Simplicity 2806. My friends seem to be enjoying their hostess gifts!!

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  1. Very nice! It's so refreshing to tweek the blog from time to time, and make new plans for posting! :)