Monday, March 18, 2013

Arm Knitting

Or, why I always have things waiting to be finished.
Yes, that is a giraffe whispering in my ear!!
Friends came for dinner on Saturday night and as one was leaving I commented on her lovely infinity scarf. She laughed and said that not only did she know I would notice her scarf and want to know more, she had also brought along a ball of yarn in her handbag to show me how!!

It is called arm knitting and I had never heard of it. But rest assured by Sunday morning I had my own infinity scarf!! I see something new and sometimes I just have to try it, even though I have other items of knitting and sewing that I am busy with!!

Trying to show the big loopy stitches!
Basically you knit using your hands and arms as the needles. This scarf took 15 minutes and is 3m long! There are some great demos on YouTube. I happened to watch this one.

I think I need another scarf as well!! Perhaps I will use several  yarns at the same time.


  1. Wild!!! I noticed in the video some of the garments looked like they were made from other fibres/fabric strips? Very cool! Thanks for the link.