Friday, March 30, 2012

OWOP Days 6 and 7

For day 6 of this challenge, I wore my all time favourite Pendrell. A black and white one that I have worn so often since I made it last year. I always wear it with my pearls.

Friday, being the last day and casual day at work. I work the Pendrell that I based on Downton Abbey's Lady Mary's garden party dress. I used a cotton with a blue and white stripe. For the front panel I cut the stripes on the horizontal, all other pieces were cut with a vertical stripe. I then used the sleeve ruffle piece (cut on the bias of course) and instead of the other ruffle I inserted a wide piece of lace, tapering in at the edges.

Unfortunately you can't really see the stripes!

I also squared off the front neck line and then cut a facing for the neckline instead of the bias strips.

Unfortunately everyone in the household was gone before 7.30am this morning so i was on my own for the photo op!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OWOP Days 3 - 5

Normal week at work, nothing out of the ordinary. Monday I wore a Pendrell (view B)  that I made last year. I don't wear it often as I am not wild about all the ruffles. But it went with the suit I was wearing.

Tuesday I wore a view C Pendrell, but I added in a pleat at the front. I made this in a knit fabric and I think it turned out fine. I wore in under a black jacket with black cropped pants (self stitched!). I can see this in summer with jeans or shorts as well.

Wednesday I wore a View A Pendrell, made especially to go with my grey suit.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

OWOP Days 1 and 2

My pattern for the One Week, One Pattern Challenge is the Sewaholic Pendrell top.

For the first day of OWOP (Saturday), I wore my 1930s inspired Pendrell. I adjusted the neckline to a v-neck and then used the tutorial from Casey's Elegant Musings to draft a scalloped collar. I covered a button to match for the front. Then for the sleeves, I used the sleeve ruffle but did not gather it, I just sewed it on to create a little cap sleeve efffect.

The weather here in Canada, at least in Ontario has been unseasonally warm, and yesterday when I went to wear my little top, the temperatures had plummeted! So a little cardigan was in order!

What did I do in my cute top:

  • Shopping (new iPod docking station to replace the one my sons lost in Mexico!)
  • Brunch with hubby at the Green Bean in downtown Oakville
  • Running room to stock up on gels and energy bars for my run on Sunday (the 30km Around the Bay Road Race)
  • Bake Salty Caramel Chocolate Mini Cups (from my newly acquired Martha Stewart Cupcake Book)

Sunday, day two. After I came home from my race I just wanted to relax. So I wore the little sleeveless Pendrell which I had sewn up in white eyelet cotton and did a scalloped edge at the hem line. Teamed with my comfy yoga pants it was perfect for what I had planned for the afternoon: 
  • Nothing!

Showing the scalloped hem

Daffodils this early in the season!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sometimes I cheat on my sewing. Sometimes those precious few minutes of free time that I have to sew, I sneak off and bake instead!

I love to bake cookies and cupcakes. After months of dithering I finally plucked up the courage and bought myself a copy of Martha Stewart's cupcake book.

On Sunday I started with the first recipe in the book, chocolate chip cup cakes. I made a selection of normal size ones and mini one. They didn't last more than about two days! I inadvertently bought chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips but they were delicious.

Now I see there is a post it note on the Salty Caramel Chocolate recipe! A subtle hint!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

Or, why I used my time to stitch tacky things!!

We were invited to a St Patrick's Day party and as per usual, I traipsed off to the dollar store to procure beads, hats, goggles (?) head bands and gaudy earrings to get into party mode.

The wine in the background by the way is a California red, Apothic. My current favourite and a hostess gift along with flowers!

So when I spied the St Patrick's Day themed quilting fabric at Fabricland, and on sale. Well let's just say I couldn't help myself.

A few hours of stitching in the evenings last week and we had ourselves a dress, vest and bow tie!!

I mean it's not like we take an oath and swear that we will only use our talents for tasteful items. Sometimes it's good to relax and have fun!!!

You will note that these pics were taken at home before the party. As a good time was had by all, I thought these rather than ones taken at the party, were better suited to a sewing blog!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Week One Pattern

I have signed up for this challenge. Hosted by Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons fame! The idea is that for 7 days you wear something created from the same pattern.

I have decided to go with the Sewaholic  Pendrell blouse, as I have already made two and have another two in progress.

There are three versions to the pattern anyway and I am planning on making a few additions to others.  It should be fun.  I need work appropriate ones as well as more casual ones for the weekend.

I have an idea to make a Pendrell loosely based on Downton  Abbey’s  Lady Mary’s striped garden party dress. Including the lace overlay around the shoulders and a narrow belt. Still a concept in my mind at the moment, but I think it might work!

Another one is getting a scalloped collar thanks to Casey’s Elegant Musings. Yet another will have a pleat in the front, a la the Sorbetto top.

Then I thought of making one shorter (not to be tucked in) and have a scalloped hem edge. I have a piece of white eyelet fabric for that one.

That will leave me with one more!