Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

Or, why I used my time to stitch tacky things!!

We were invited to a St Patrick's Day party and as per usual, I traipsed off to the dollar store to procure beads, hats, goggles (?) head bands and gaudy earrings to get into party mode.

The wine in the background by the way is a California red, Apothic. My current favourite and a hostess gift along with flowers!

So when I spied the St Patrick's Day themed quilting fabric at Fabricland, and on sale. Well let's just say I couldn't help myself.

A few hours of stitching in the evenings last week and we had ourselves a dress, vest and bow tie!!

I mean it's not like we take an oath and swear that we will only use our talents for tasteful items. Sometimes it's good to relax and have fun!!!

You will note that these pics were taken at home before the party. As a good time was had by all, I thought these rather than ones taken at the party, were better suited to a sewing blog!!

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