Monday, September 26, 2011

SSS DAYS 21 - 26 and a Knit Along!

A few days off work. Wonderful!

Day 21 and it was time to catch up on some shopping. Jalie Jeans are perfect for running around in. I am about to cut out a black pair as part of the Fall Colors Palette challenge and the Fall Sewing Essentials challenge (I am combining them).

Day 22 and I took my parents into Toronto and played the tourist, great fun. Bus tour, boat trip around the Toronto islands. Self Stitched denim skirt.

Day 23 (Friday) just a lazy day and I am wearing an up-cycled sweater. I replace the ugly black plastic buttons with 12 different buttons from my collection. Two of which I made myself, back many years ago when I did a pottery course.

When I looked at the photo, I realized that it segues nicely into my latest project. If you look carefully you can see the pattern I have printed off. I am going to try my had at knitting after many, many years. I found this knit along on the Rhinestones and Telephones Blog, Sarah is teaming up with Kristen from Kristen Makes. So I was on the computer printing out the pattern so that I can go an look at yarn later.

Day 24 (Saturday) and it was the Pendrell blouse with black pants for dinner at friends.

Sunday (day 25) was Jalie jeans at Niagara Falls and then finally back-to-work Monday (day 26) and it was the purple dress. Not worn since Me Made March!

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