Saturday, October 1, 2011

SSS The Final Stretch

The last four days.

On Tuesday (Day 27) I wore the black and white pinafore dress. As the weather is cooling down here, a great time to start with stockings.

Wednesday (Day 28) I wore my black cropped pants again, this really was a good make. Very easy to wear. Also very comfortable.

Thursday (Day 29) and I wore my Pendrell blouse with my grey suit.

Friday (Day 30) and I wore my hand made scarf. My first effort as part of the Fall Sewing Essentials and Fall Pallette challenges.

And that is that, another self stitched month has come to an end. I really enjoyed this one and found it is getting easier, which is obvious the more I sew!! I think challenges like this make me see where the gaps in my wardrobe are and I sew more what I need.

Thats so much Zoe for another great challenge!

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