Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Palette Inspiration

Fall Palette Inspiration

Freda gray dress
£359 -

Knit top

At long last I figured out both the ColourLovers website and Polyvore and have been able to upload my inspiration to my blog. Yeah!!

After seeing the first few days of Self Stitched September, I wear far too much black. Yes I know there is black in my inspiration colours, but there are other colours as well.

I am going to combine the Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge with the Fall Essentials Sew Along. So we will see how this goes!!

My initial list is as follows: 
Black Jalie Jeans
Black/grey coat (probably Colette patterns lady Grey) or, Black and white plaid shawl (probably self draft the pattern)
Grey skirt and top (Vogue Easy Options)
Brown skirt (probably Colette pattern's Beignet)
Burnt orange sweater (I am going to attempt to knit!!)
Blue scarf (Made with wool, threads etc and sewn onto a water soluble stabilizer)
Knitted socks!
Will update when I have more time!!!!

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