Monday, June 30, 2014


My Knitcation is a vacation that we are planning at the end of August. To me part of the fun of a vacation, is the planning that leads up to it, so this Knitcation is exactly my type of pre-vacation planning!!!

The vacation is going to include Kelowna, Vancouver, Tofino and Victoria. My 7 day wardrobe is based around one Moneta and two Mabels.

Day 1 - Travel Day
 Red Mabel, Black and white stripe tee, black and white spotted Keds and a white denim jacket.

Day 2 - Dinner out after a round of golf
Blue Moneta, Self made multi-coloured bead necklace, shoes and a white denim jacket in case it is chilly!

Day 3 - Wine tasting in the Okanagan valley
Beige Mabel, with a blue lace top, copper necklace from South Africa and my favourite beaded flat shoes.

Day 4 - Sightseeing in Vancouver

Red Mabel, White Sewaholic Pendrell, White denim jacket, Black and white shoes, Black and white beaded necklace.

Day 5 - Lunch at Butter Baked goods and Cafe in Vancouver. I was given the book, "Butter, Baked Goods" for my Birthday and I really want to go and try some of their goodies!

Blue Moneta, Multi coloured wrap, Copper necklace and bead shoes

Day 6 - Beach day in Tofino, Vancouver Island
Red Mabel, white cotton shirt, black straw sunhat. The bikini is self stitched and the beach bag was crocheted using plastic shopping bags by a very dear friend back in South Africa many, many years ago and still going strong!

Day 7 - Dinner out in Victoria
Beige Mabel, cream lace sleeveless top, cream close, Pearl multi strand necklace (self made) bead shoes and large handbag!


  1. Just a Note to say, Have fun!". I love Victoria and Tofino. Beware of the water though, no matter how hot the day, it is really, really cold!

  2. I'm going to second the advice about it being colder than you expect! Looks like a great wardrobe. Are you going to the TO meet up in July by any chance?

  3. I love your outfit choices. Your style is exactly what I'm aiming for - chic and comfortable. After reading this post, I have added the Mabel and Pendrell to my project queue!