Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sewing Goals for 2013

January in my back garden
Well, we are almost at the end of January and only now do I get round to setting my sewing goals for the year!

I think I am going to keep it nice and easy this year.

I want to sew at least one item a month. As far as possible using fabric from stash and patterns already purchased. I will however perhaps buy new Sewaholic or Colette patterns. I do believe in supporting the independent pattern companies.

I know I want to make the following:
Beignet Skirt with brown striped fabric purchased last summer at Walthamstow Market in London, England.
Blue and red floral / striped Hazel dress, fabric also purchased from Walthamstow Market.

Thurlow trousers – beige twill type fabric
Undies (I purchased a book on drafting your own)

I have the patterns and fabric for the above

Then I want to make all / most hostess gifts. I am sick of rushing to buy flowers or similar before heading out to a dinner party. I have purchased a Simplicity shopping bag pattern (2806) and plan to make re-usable shopping bags for friends when we get invited out to dinner.

UFOs  also need to be looked at. I have to make a descision about finishing the items or tossing them.
Lady Grey jacket – will finish
Boy’s under pants – will finish
Zebra print bra – will finish
Lap top bag – iffy about this one. Will have to think hard!
Red Alma blouse. Love the pattern, wrong fabric perhaps??
Two Amy Butler Origami bags - ???

This is a "before" shot. Hopefully I can soon show the "after' one soon!!!
But before all of that happens I have to tidy and re-organize my sewing area. As I have a space in the basement that is out of everyone’s way, it is not the tidiest part of the house!!! I am always so keen to get onto the next project that I don’t tidy up properly.


  1. They sound like great goals, and achievable. That's the hardest part about setting goals!
    I'm interested in hearing more about the book you bought on Undies! It's been on my to-do list as well.
    Good luck with the sewing area re-organizing! I did mine last year too, and if I remember correctly, it took longer to plan than to do!!

  2. Hi Steph. The book is called "Make and Fit Your Own Panties' by Beverly Johnson. Bev owns and teaches at the Bra Makers Supply Store in Hamilton. I treated myself to a corset making course there in December and picked the book up then, but it is available on line. Can't wait to start going through the book!

  3. Oh My Debbie! I've read through your goals and finish/toss list. It's a good list - I hope you are making progress. Lovely blog. g