Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Lonsdale Dress


I finished my Lonsdale dress on Friday night and had the perfect occasion to wear it on Saturday night. A friends summer garden party/BBQ. Unfortunately it rained so not too much in the garden but it was a lovely evening, and the dress wore well. My husband took these pics in our back garden before we left.

It was easy to sew, Tasia's sew-along instructions were as usual very comprehensive. I used a cotton print that I had picked up for $10 at Value Village. I used the size 8 and it fits perfectly.

I handpicked the zipper because I like how nice and neat that looks. For the hem, I only wanted to turn up about 1/2 cm, so I used a lace seam binding, and that looks nice if the bottom of the skirt flips up.