Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Five of 2013 (Part 3)

The Goals for 2014

1. To sew one item a month
I could find a group on line that is doing this, but then I just end up with more pressure on myself!  I know already that I will not be able to sew (much!) in January as I will be away for 3 weeks and the first week will be getting ready for the trip! But I will try and do a least one item a month thereafter!


2. Try to use up my fabric  stash in 2014
Buying new only if I really need to. If it is a toss up between more fabric and a ready to wear purchase for a special occasion? Big decisions, but probably fabric!

3. Ready to Wear?
Think carefully before buying a ready to wear item in 2014. Goodbye Valentino is hosting a year long Ready to Wear Fast in 2014. I have signed up for this!

4. Me Made Months
Wear my me made clothing more often (that is why the Me Made months are so good!). I have taken part for the last couple of years and have learnt a lot. Thanks to So Zo... What do you know for hosting these. Hopefully she will again in 2014!

5. Continuous Learning
Take courses to improve my sewing. Given time constraints, I will probably look at Craftsy as you can do them in your own time and your own pace. I am currently working my way through a Craftsy course on tatting. After trying to learn with books and Youtube videos, I found this class and it is very good. I see there are a lot of sewing related courses as well.

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