Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moss Skirt

I finished a Grainline Moss skirt last week. What a nice pattern! It was a pleasure to sew and I really like the fit. I happened to be in Niagara Falls on the weekend, so couldn't resist the opportunity for a photo op on location!

I sewed a size 6 and it fits perfectly, I did not need to do any alterations. I used a medium weight denim that has a bit of stretch to it. I picked the denim up a few weeks ago on a trip to Len Mills Store in Hamilton.

I added the "modesty" hem band onto the bottom as I am way beyond the age when I can wear my skirts up to there! It now sits just on the knee.

This is going to look nice in winter with stockings and boots and a little sweater.

I did a lot of top stitching using orange thread to finish things off. I will definitely be making this again, in fact I picked up a piece of brown twill type fabric at value Village the other day which will look very nice as a Moss skirt.


  1. This looks like a really nice, classic denim (not anymore) mini. The band at the bottom band really makes it!

  2. Very cute and practical skirt! I like the orange top stitching. I still have never visited a Lens Mill store!

  3. I love the skirt- it is such a classic design. It looks great on you. And the location -imagine how cold it will be there in a few months! I hope you made it to the Flying Saucer for lunch. It;s the best place in Niagara Falls to eat on a budget. I have the Moss Skirt pattern but I haven't gotten to it yet....