Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Pencil Skirt

To me a black pencil skirt is the staple of a working wardrobe. So why for the last year has my wardrobe not had one? Good question. Something to do with my last one shrinking. Yes, strange, after wearing it happily for a couple of years it just shrank. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

When I opened up Gerties New Book For Better Sewing, and saw the pencil skirt I knew it was for me. I cut it out a while ago, but seem to have been so busy this summer that I have hardly had time to sew. Plus I am also training for a Marathon in the Fall and the extra time training in the evenings takes away from my sewing time, (yes I know, excuses, excuses!!).

The skirt was easy to construct, I especially like the fact that you sew the back seam and then baste fit the sides so that you can get the exact fitting that you want.

I used a vintage closure from my stash for the back of the waistband instead of doing a button hole.

I lined the skirt with black Bemberg and I also added boning to the waistband as I had boning left over from the Polka Dot party dress I made at the end of May.

I am planning many ways to wear my new pencil skirt to the office:

5. Red Turtle neck
6. Cream silk blouse
7. White Long Sleeve tee and a scarf
8. Red leather jacket
9. Grey sweater
10. Black and white striped shirt

Etc, Etc, Etc........

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