Friday, August 24, 2012

Vacation Musings

While in London recently for the Olympics and in Ireland for golf, I also managed to sneak some sewing related things.

I managed a quick trip to Walthamstow (at the very end of the Victoria Line) to see the fabric shops that Karen (Did You Make That) and Tilly (Tilly and the Buttons) have mentioned before in their blogs. Mindful of the fact that I still had to fit things in my suitcase to return to Canada, I only bought two pieces of fabric. 

This one is going to be a Hazel dress when it grows up.

This one is destined to be underlined and made into a Colette Beignet skirt with the stripes going horizontally. I've had the pattern for over a year, waiting for the ideal fabric to come along!!

Then I spent almost 2 hours entranced at the Victoria and Alfred Museum, at the Ball Gown Exhibition. Unfortunately photography was not permitted, but I did take lots of notes and bought a pack of post cards afterwards to remind myself of the exquisite gowns and the attention to detail. I will probably get some Ikea frames and frame them to brighten up my sewing area.

If you get a chance to see this exhibition go. For anyone who sews and even those who don't but appreciate well made clothes, it is well worth it.

In Ireland I decided at the last minute that I needed some local wool to knit a scarf with. But I was torn between spending the morning playing golf or shopping. I chose golf, but asked my Aunt to pick me up some wool in a colour that I would like. She got it perfectly with this. I have already found a snood pattern on Ravelry that will be perfect!

Then I also saw a few things that I would like to try myself.

This dress was in a shop somewhere in Chelsea. I love the design detail and want to try something on a smaller scale. Perhaps on the sleeves of a shirt. It was strips of fabric folded and sewn in this pattern.

This bag was made from tape measures woven together and I got a quick snap surreptitiously before the person knew I was taking a picture!

What about this cute little travel bag for earrings, made in silk? I think a little one made in quilting cotton would be very cute.

So many ideas, so little time!!!


  1. I love the tape measure bag...I ended up buying a new luggage when I went to the UK for the fabric I bought. You are much more disciplined...

    1. I was so tempted let me tell you. I thought the fabric was much cheaper than here n Ontario. Next time I'll go with an empty suitcase so I can bring back more!!!!