Thursday, July 26, 2012

What do I Spy here?

Over the last few months I have been puttering away on a few quilting projects. Now normally if I can't wear it, I don't sew it. But decided to make an exception this time!!

The idea behind the I Spy quilts is that you can use them to play the I Spy game.

The finished quilt

I had taken part in a Quilt Swap in order to get more fabric for some I Spy Quilting. I have made a cot size quilt and two sets  place mats as gifts for my cousins' children. I will be going on holiday to England at the beginning of August and will be seeing them all there.

Cutting the large squares into smaller squares

The quilt has 70 squares, each featuring something that a child can recognize. I made it as a Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt and am thrilled how it has turned out.

Not A good pic, but I have labels on my finished items!
I found labels in Fabricland. Not a huge choice. There was Handmade for a Special Little Girl (and I bought the boy ones too), or ones made by Mommy or Grandma You'd have thought they would have had "Handmade by Your First Cousin Once Removed". I mean really!!

For the place mats one set has triangles of fabric, the other has squares. I was looking for some plain broadcloth to edge and back these when I saw all the Canada themed fabric in Fabricland. As they are being made in Canada for children in England I thought this was ideal. So the mats are backed with Canada fabric, the edging will be a light blue for one set and a darker blue for the other. This means that the place mats are reversible as well.

Still a little more sewing to be done before I leave for England!!

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