Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fall Essentials Sew Along Wrap Up.

I started this challenge with so much enthusiasm and in fact am still enthusiastic, however I only finished about half of what I planned. I do have excuses...... new role at work, family visiting from overseas, very busy at work etc etc etc. And now Christmas is just around the corner. So I have decided to give a quick summary and my thanks to the organizers!

This was my initial list:

Black Jalie Jeans
Black/grey coat (probably Colette patterns lady Grey) or, Black and white plaid shawl (probably self draft the pattern)
Grey skirt and top (Vogue Easy Options)
Brown skirt (probably Colette pattern's Beignet)
Burnt orange sweater (I am going to attempt to knit!!)
Blue scarf (Made with wool, threads etc and sewn onto a water soluble stabilizer)
Knitted socks!

My first item was a blue scarf, that was nice and easy and a "quick win" as they say! I have worn this a few times.

Then I rediscovered knitting and along with the Newbie and the Knitter, Knit Along I completed a Cadence sweater in a lovely orange wool. I have worn this several times and had favorable comments.

Next up was a pair of Jalie jeans in black. These I only finished this week. I know I am going to be wearing these often.

The jeans and the blue scarf

Showing the pockets, designed again by my younger son!

That's the list of finished items, in true me style, I can now list the not quite finished items, my UFOs.

We have the undies, still cut but not stitched.

We have the Colette patterns Lady Grey Coat, cut out and in the process of hand stitching/ tailoring the front and collar.

Please note the hand stitching, the tailoring.

We have a black and white check cape, almost done!!!!

OMG I have a double chin!!!
We have one knitted glove (I decided on the gloves rather than the socks), I was so excited to finish this last night, then I remembered that I would need two!!

Then we actually have two items that are not for Fall at all but made for our upcoming Christmas holiday in Mexico. These are finished items!! A black and white check Colette Patterns Violet blouse and a floral Sorbetto.

The Violet blouse with the Jalie jeans

So all in all not too bad when I look at it like that! I plan to take part in the Sewaholic Minoru Jacket Sew Along starting mid January, so will try and get the above finished before then.


  1. I love your Cadence sweater! What a fabulous colour! And those jeans look FANTASTIC!

  2. Thanks Debi.

    I really enjoyed knitting the Cadence sweater and have worn it several times and got some lovely compliments. The jeans, what can I say...I love the Jalie patten!